Saturday, 13 September 2014


 Hi all! Am back with another Beauty Post, this time about a new IPL facial I've recently tried and loved. Not sure if you guys noticed, I've been a fan of STRIP's services ever since they opened their first outlet at Holland V. My treatments with them have progressed from waxing in the early days to their latest IPL technology. Now that I've IPL-ed most of my body hair away, I'm so so stoked to learn that they've created a new treatment for the face!

Before I started with the treatment, I was briefed that STRIP's GLOW & GLOW treatment (GG2 Facial) is a skin rejuvenation treatment that brightens complexion and boosts radiance, lightens pigmentation, and reduces the appearance of fine line by stimulating collagen production. Maximising the function of STRIP’s specially customised IPL machines, the GG2 Facial uses a special applicator to provide these skin beautifying benefits.

Getting ready for the facial! The therapist first had my makeup ('cept those on my eyes) removed.
She applied a cold gel before working on the different areas of my face. We decided to do my forehead the right side of my face first, so we could compare the results with the left side of my face!
And voila!! Instant results!! My right side is significantly brighter than the left! May not be very clear here in pictures, but the therapist and I noticed the brightening effect immediately.

So so pleased with the end result, and this was only my first treatment!! :D Definitely heading back every couple of months to give my complexion this radiant boost! You guys have to try it to believe it ;)
Went for a photoshoot the next day and was so surprised at how bright my skin was- even the makeup artist was telling me how fair I am! *beams*
Anyway, for more information on this treatment, do visit any Strip outlets for a quick consultation or call 6337 8747 to make a booking!
& from now till 31 October 2014, quote 'Velda Tan' to enjoy GG2 facial trial at $80 nett. This is open to all first-time GG2 customers at any Strip Singapore outlets. Limited to one redemption per customer only. Other terms & conditions apply.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Let's Talk Beauty: All About Eyes

Hi ladies! Am back with another 'Let's Talk Beauty' entry, and was hoping to share some thoughts on eye health this time. :) For those who've been following my beauty posts, you'd have figured that my eyes are my least favourite feature. They're small, beady, and I also have uneven single eyelids- probably not what most would term as beautiful. 

However, having the privilege to be ACUVUE® DefineTM brand advocate for the last 18months has given me an opportunity to change this perspective. I've began to realise that with the use of good products and with proper care, our eyes can be our most beautiful asset! With the proliferation of false lashes, double eyelid tapes, and not forgetting beauty enhancement contact lenses, I've been able to work around my 'flaws' to beautify my eyes in a more natural & healthy way.

I am a huge fan of beauty enhancement contact lenses as they really help to brighten and enlarge my eyes. I am wearing 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Vivid Style variant in the picture above; I really love how it makes my eyes more lively while still looking very natural on me! I’ve also recently found out that ACUVUE® DefineTM is specially designed to accentuate Asian eyes, like mine!   

Because I've had bad experiences with other brands of beauty enhancement contact lenses, I've chosen to wear only 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ for the last 2 years, and have never once thought of switching brands. As a daily disposable lens, 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ is also hygienic, convenient and helps me maintain optimum eye health as I put on a fresh pair of lenses every day.

Being at regular photoshoots has also made me take extra care in choosing the brand of lenses I wear. Photoshoots can sometimes drag for long hours, and some shots require a constant wind blowing into my face (and eyes), so the type of contact lenses I choose to wear is really important to me! 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™  has definitely helped to keep my eyes moist during the to last my entire shoot duration, and I never have to worry about my eyes feeling dry and tired or turning red halfway during these shoots.

Some of you would also know I love to travel during the winter season, and I realise how big a part maintaining healthy eyes is when I travel, especially in extremely dry and cold climates. I don't like to risk having dry or sore eyes when I'm overseas, so I always make sure I pack along ample supply of 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™. While the way I look is important, how my eyes feel through the day is even more important! 

It comes with Triple Care, which provides high levels of moisture, oxygen and UV protection for healthy and comfortable eyes. Its unique Beauty-Wrapped-In-Comfort™ technology also seals the lens’ colorants between two thin, transparent layers of lens material, thus protecting my eyes from direct contact with the colour pigments. Also, 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ brand of beauty enhancement contact lenses offer internationally recognized levels of ultraviolet (UV) protection. This means your cornea is protected from UV rays and coupled with your sunglasses; your eyes are better protected because UV rays can still seep in from the sides of your shades!

As Shakespeare would say, "The eyes are the window to your soul." I would urge you ladies to start taking good care of your eyes and work towards transforming them into your most beautiful asset, and you will definitely not regret it! ;) I believe that healthy eyes are beautiful eyes!

Till the next beauty entry, keep those eyes moist and healthy! Xx

And if you'd like to try 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™, visit any Capitol outlets and receive a L'occitane travel set worth $29.30 when you purchase 4 boxes of 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™!Hurry, While stocks last!